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While I have your attention, let me ramble a bit...

In my opinion to do a good BBQ depends on the rub or seasoning in the first step, and the second step would be the smoking process - low even heat (200ºF to 250ºF) and long duration. When you cook it slow and easy, the moisture and flavor stay right with you. Any good rub or seasoning has to be balanced to trigger osmosis, drawing the moisture from the surface of the meat so the protein starts to caramelize and encrust the flavor of the meat when cooking. Even as a kid I always wanted the brown slice on the edge of the meat where it's crusty. That's where I always found the best flavor - there where the protein forms.  Most rubs include onion, garlic granules, and pepper of both black and red, such as cayenne, paprika, cumin and even hot chili powder. You have to use your own judgment to include your own personal taste. Two very important items are salt and a small amount of sugar. This aids in the osmosis process and helps in the  caramelization mentioned earlier, but the salt should be greater than the sugar. Too much sugar will burn and have a bitter taste. There is only one rule, “there are no set rules”.  Have fun and enjoy the food.   I never “rub in” the rub. I usually brush the meat with a little olive oil or spray it with a little Pam Olive Oil to make it tacky, put the rub in a shaker, and “shake” on, covering the meat on all sides evenly. After seasoning the meat, cover it and place it in the refrigerator or cooler for four hours to overnight.  It will work wonders. When I remove it from the refrigerator for grilling, sometimes I shake additional rub on the meat before placing it on the grill.  The external and internal fat in the meat will help keep the meat moist while grilling. The meat will be moist and tender and the crust will have a flavor that’s unbelievable.  When using “SATAN’S BREATH® SPICES” you have to add your own salt and sugar in most cases. We blend our spices so people on a restricted diet are protected. We will help and advise you in your endeavor or custom blend your spices to eliminate what you are allergic to. We do cater to your needs.